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KEHLMAIER, C. (2005): Taxonomic revision of European Eudorylini (Insecta, Diptera, Pipunculidae).- Verhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins in Hamburg (NF) 41: 45-353; Hamburg.


The European species of the pipunculid tribe Eudorylini were revised. Type material of all but five nominal species was studied. The taxa were placed according to the latest generic concept presented by SKEVINGTON & YEATES (2001) and into species groups, predominantly based on phenetic similarities of the male genitalia. Altogether, 74 species are recognized for Europe in this study, with five taxa belonging to Claraeola ACZÉL, 1940, six to Clistoabdominalis SKEVINGTON, 2001, six to Dasydorylas SKEVINGTON, 2001 and 57 to Eudorylas ACZÉL, 1940, including two nomina dubia. Detailed illustrations of male genitalia and female ovipositors of all species but the two nomina dubia are presented. Dichotomous identification keys are provided for both male and female Eudorylini.

Of the European species currently recognized, 13 taxa are described as new to science: Cla. agnosta spec. nov., Cla. cypriota spec. nov., Cli. doczkali spec. nov., Das. filiformis spec. nov., E. auctus spec. nov., E. bermeri spec. nov., E. coei spec. nov., E. gemellus spec. nov., E. ibericus spec. nov., E. kataplisso spec. nov., E. quinquepertitus spec. nov., E. triangularis spec. nov. and E. venturai spec. nov.

Seven new generic combinations are proposed, all formerly placed under the genus Eudorylas: Cli. electus (HARDY, 1947) comb. nov., Cli. dilatatus (DE MEYER, 1997) comb. nov., Cli. imitator (DE MEYER, 1995) comb. nov., Cli. tumidus (DE MEYER, 1997) comb. nov., Das. discoidalis (BECKER, 1897) comb. nov., Das. holosericeus (BECKER, 1897) comb. nov. and Das. roseri (BECKER, 1897) comb. nov.

Ten new synonyms are suggested: Dorilas dudai HARDY, 1947 syn. nov. (Cli. ruralis (MEIGEN, 1824)), E. aduncus DUNK, 1995 syn. nov. (E. zermattensis (BECKER, 1897)), E. demeyeri KOZÁNEK, 1993 syn. nov. (Das. holosericeus), E. dissimilis COE, 1966 syn. nov. (E. kowarzi BECKER, 1897), E. fischeri DUNK, 1995 syn. nov. (Cli. ruralis), E. janae KOZÁNEK & K WON, 1991 syn. nov. (E. restrictus COE, 1966), E. kozaneki DE MEYER, 1993 syn. nov. (E. angustimembranus KOZÁNEK & KWON, 1991), Pipunculus imperfectus BECKER, 1921 syn. nov. (E. zermattensis), Pipunculus jucundus BECKER, 1921 syn. nov. (E. elephas (BECKER, 1897)), Pipunculus triplex BECKER, 1921 syn. nov. (E. pannonicus (BECKER, 1897). Two already existing synonymies are confirmed: Pipunculus arimosus BECKER, 1900 (Cli. ruralis) and Pipunculus distinctus BECKER, 1921 (E. zonatus (ZETTERSTEDT, 1849)).

A neotype was designated for Cla. halterata (MEIGEN, 1838), and lectotypes were designated for the following 14 species: Cla. melanostola (BECKER, 1897), Cli. ruralis, Cli. trochanteratus (BECKER, 1900), Das. holosericeus, Das. horridus (BECKER, 1897), Das. roseri, Das. setosus (BECKER, 1908), Dorilas dudai, E. fascipes (ZETTERSTEDT, 1844), E. subterminalis COLLIN, 1956, E. inferus COLLIN, 1956, E. zonellus COLLIN, 1956, E. kowarzi and E. pannonicus.